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Your peace of mind is the most important key to our success.

Our extensive security experience provides a full spectrum of services to meet the security needs of our client’s business. By combining our diverse skills and experience, we are able to serve a varied clientele demanding superior services. Our clients include manufacturing and service companies, financial institutions, health care providers, not-for-profit organizations, academic institutions.


“You should be very proud of your employees and of the way that they represented your company in Chestnutwoods.”

— Yamilet Hernandez , Courtesy Management

“We have all been very pleased with your work. The improvement of safety and order in our community have been very noticeable. Thanks again for your excellent work”

— Celia Blanco , Costa Bella

“The service has been excellent and mostly very cooperative in other areas of attention given to improve the appearance of the community surrounding”

— Alice Urbanek, Empress Management

“Keep up the excellent work”

— Michael Warren , Saga Bay Gardens